20/20 Horsemanship Policies and Payment information

Cancellation Policy

Students may cancel their lesson in the scheduler or by phone, 24 hours or more, before the lesson. Please write an explanation of the reason for cancellation in the notes section of the scheduler.  The scheduler will not allow you to cancel if the lesson is within the next 24 hours. If you must cancel, please text Loretta at 703-973-0780. Lessons canceled in the 24 hour window are subject to the regular fee. Some circumstances allow a make up lesson.  Makeup lessons MUST be taken within 6 weeks of the 1 st of the month.  However, if the make up lesson cannot be attended, the regular fee will apply. Please call, text or email with questions. 

NOTE: Regular students must give 30 days notice before cancelling if they are no longer going to ride.

Lessons are held RAIN OR SHINE


Students are expected to pay for a month of lessons at a time, at the last lesson of the preceding month.   Please note if there are 4 or 5 dates for lessons in any particular month, before paying.

REFUNDS for prepaid lessons are NOT given.

These policies apply whether or not the lesson is canceled by the student or the instructor.

ALL LESSONS ARE HELD RAIN, SHINE, SLEET OR SNOW.  I will notify you of lessons are canceled due to weather. Students are not to cancel lessons during to weather. If they choose not to attend, the lesson will get added on as one of your makeups.